[SOLVED] UPS / Power protection suggestions?

Have a pretty high end rig, and am paranoid that it may burn out on me. Have had frequent power cuts when the load from appliances in my house has been too much for the circuit breaker, and thus the circuit would be broken and my PC would suddenly boot off. In addition, when I play R6, the PC will suddenly reboot out of the blue, and am scared my PC may spoil on me. Haven't seen it in other games like PUBG or BF4, but I'm going to try Apex and see if it repeats. My last reboot, the Windows loading screen showed repairs were under way.

My specs:
i9 9900k
Corsair H100i RGB PRO
16 GB of RAM
256 SSD + 1 TB HDD
Zotac Twin Fan RTX 2080Ti
Seasonic 750W Focus Plus Gold

I should note that my GPU is underclocked as it would frequently hit 80C previously. Temperatures of the rest of my PC is usually in the 70C range, and I have not seen my CPU cross 80C (although I may have missed it some times).

Any recommendations? Considering picking up a Belkin Surge protector power strip as additional protection as well.