URGENT! GPU for Far Cry 3


Nov 22, 2010
Hi everyone and thanks in advance for helping

I would like to play far cry 3 at 1920x1080 at (minimum) very high settings with a min of 30-35fps

these are my specs:

i5 750 @2.67

evga p67 ftw

8gb ram

gtx 260

850 w psu

I have the game already and played with all on high but i was getting around 18-26 fps.

I will buy a new rig soonish but want to wait for the gtx 700 series and also heard rumors about a new intel line of cpus (but this is a topic for another thread).

What I thought is meanwhile I could buy a new gpu that could suffice until I buy the new rig. I am unsure though of what gpu to buy, I obviously don't want to spend too much money and wouldn't buy anything more expensive than a 660, that would really be the absolute max amount of money I want to spend.

So, what do you guys recommend ?

further info: I don't really want to get into OC (since i want to play this weekend) and I have a preference for the green team (nvidia)

Thanks again
Get gtx 660 or hd 7870.overall hd 7870 is litle better than gtx 660.with gtx 660 you will get physicx and adaptive vsync and other features.Both card will max any games at your resolution.my choice would be hd 7870 2gb.


GTX660 isn't a bad card at it's price, I would consider the 660ti the worst kepler GPU after the GTX680. If you have around $200+, get the 660. If you could get a 670, then that would be the best choice for you since you prefer Nvidia.


Nov 22, 2010

Exactly, that's what I want to do, as I explained. In the end I got the 660ti, which was out of my budget buuuuuuuuuuuuut I still got it heheheh :p Ill pick it up in an hour, thanks a lot for the quick response and help.

Have a nice weekend everyone !

Not at all.

I've owned both GTX 660 and GTX 670.

GTX 660 is capable of running the game at ultra settings on 1920x1080, with FXAA and HBAO. Averga FPS of 50. I even made a video of it.


Now I got a GTX 670 and it's also capable at running the game on ultra settings at 1920x1080, with 4x MSAA and HBAo. Average FPS of 50.

So GTX 660 would be more than sufficient.


Nov 11, 2012
These Benchmarks are of High Settings
I would recommend a GTX 660 atleast



Dec 31, 2012
I've been very happy with my Sapphire 7870 OC. It handles Far Cry 3 very well, I have everything in video options set to the max with 4x msaa (my poor eyeballs didn't notice a huge difference between 4x and 8x so I left it at 4x) without noticing any frame drops or stuttering.

Needless to say I've been very happy with the card so far. Far Cry 3, Skyrim (w/ Hi-Res DLC and addons), and PlanetSide 2 it has done all I've asked.

Edit: I should mention that after the latest round of drivers offered a good bump especially in Far Cry 3 and I'm not certain those benchmarks reflect that.
I've just looked the benchmarks through here with the performance of GTX 670.

It makes no sense, my GTX 670 has honestly never dipped below 40 FPS. I just got it yesterday. Might be because of the new 310.90 drivers.