Question [urgent help] Laptop not performing upto spec

Jul 22, 2020
I had purchased an asus m570dd with ryzen 3500U and gtx 1050 with a 512gb ssd running windows 10 64bit ver 1909 a few weeks ago. Graphics utilization is divided and mostly dominated by the Radeon graphics... Cpu utilization doesn't go above 50 percent and even in gta 5 story mode i get near 47-50 fps@1080p low. ....even when I switch to 720p I get only a 3 or 4 fps boost and still it isn't stable and often comes down to 45-47. Taking off the barrel plug and reinserting it into the laptop boosts fps drastically for a short while.... After which it dips down again. I've tried uninstalling the display drivers for the gtx 1050 and reinstalling, fiddled around with the settings in the nvidia control panel, disabled battery boost from nvidia GeForce experience and even uninstalled GeForce experience itself,did the ultimate performance mode and even switched all the advanced power settings for the performance plan to maximum performance. I Uninstalled bloatware like the macfee antivirus and make sure to download nothing fishy on my pc. Also there is this weird thing where if I open certain applications the screen's color gradient changes to extremely cool but when I close it and open something else it changes to extremely warm. Nothing really helps. I'm really frustrated and need help because I've tried everything and I just recently bought the laptop so it doesn't make any sense to be performing this bad.