Question Urgent Help Needed to Determine if Asus Prime Deluxe II MB oled Buzz is Abnormal

May 2, 2019
Hey All,

This is so specific. I can return and swap out the Asus Prime Deluxe II tomorrow if needed but need to decide today!

The OLED Livedash display on the board is buzzing when an animation plays. it does NOT buzz when it is just showing cpu temp for instance.

The buzzing actually changes pitch and loudness with the animation moving.

It's not subtle! Here's a video:

It's not ideal at all, but i could always just turn off the Livedash. I am within return policy though.

I called Asus and the 1st level support person said I should return it, but that he didn't test another board himself.

I'm worried that I'll return it and the new one will be the exact same.

Does anyone have a livedash display and could confirm the buzz?

The easiest way to hear it is to turn off your computer (soft off) so that only the livedash display and any rgbs or whatever are on.

Any advice help is appreciated.

Is this an inductor/capacitor issue? the sound is consistent with that kind of buzz.