Apr 25, 2009
Hiya Mates,

I am Need Very Experienced and Urgent Response about whether to buy one of these,
just consider that i am standing in the shop right now (urgent) yet i am not in a hurry but i want to by the best Gaming product for the Price

1)Dell ST2320L
--1+2 Year(s) warranty


2)Samsung S23A300B
--3 Years Full Warranty

Note: Please the members who have personal experience with these models (St2220l too) and especially those who have compared the results of both of these models side by side are highly appreciated to poll and advice, Refrain from giving a general comment like ''Samsung is the best"-- This time i am not comparing Brands.. i am comparing models..
may be possible that Dell St2320L is Better than Samsung S23A300B and vice versa.
(I personally prefer St2320L as it costs less than S23A300 and S23A300B may not have more value adding --worth paying more features-- than St2320L) any way correct me if i am wrong

Please Keep it coming Brothers... need urgent and i mean V urgent expertise advice

al man

Aug 15, 2010
Samsung's is supposed to have some things that Dell's doesn't, check this out:,2930-4.html

The Dell u're looking at is an xxxx-L which I'd believe has to be sort of a lower power consumption model than the one here, but this gives u an approach.

The other Samsung... we can tell if u can compare the model on the review, w/the one u look at.

Hope this helps!!

Carpe Diem.