Urgent: New graphics card


Oct 19, 2010
Now it isnt exactly urgent, but I'm going back to school in two days and once I'm there isnt a microcenter for about 700 miles so I need to go today.

Little backround story: Built the below rig last November, it's awesome. A month ago I decided I was going to crossfire 6870, and as I was about to order my current 6870 broke. I sent it in for the RMA, and got it repaired about a week ago. It worked, but the fan didn't work, so I called up and they said they'll send me a replacement fan. Just took it apart, put the fan in, and now nothing about the GPU works. Maybe I can get a new one through RMA, maybe I voided the warranty by taking it apart (even though they told me to) I don't care. Im tired of this RMA stuff and the last month has been too stressful because my computer. I'd rather spend $500 right now on a GPU than have to go through an RMA service and set it up and wait a month.

So what it comes down to, which graphics card should I get? I don't know my exact budget, but I was planning on crossfiring 6870s, so Id like it to perform at least that well. I was looking at some GTX 580s, but I really don't know. I would like to drive to microcenter right now (Its a half hour ride) and just grab my graphics card. Then I'll be done with everything today. If its significantly better to buy it on newegg, I wont be able to get it for at least a week but I can deal with that.

Thanks for the help! I appreciate it.

Also, any store would work. If best buy had it where I could drive there that would be awesome. I just figured microcenter would be the only store.

I dont care about brand or anything, AMD or Gforce, whatever. Although I do like the idea of running 3 monitors (Although I currently run two, 1920x1080)

Intel i7-950 OC'd @ 3.8
Sapphire Radeon 6870
CM HAF 932
Asus P6X58D-E
Windows 7
CM 120mm Heatsink
Corsair 750w
Light on 24x DVD
1 TB Western Digital
6g Corsair DDR3
2x ASUS 23" monitors
Logitech G510
Razer Naga
Going for a Radeon card would be better if you're thinking of running 3 monitors. And if not, well still, both nvidia and amd should do fine. The GTX 570 or a HD 6970 is what I'd recommend, or you can get the HD 6950 for cheaper price and then unlock it to a HD 6970, but it's risky. A GTX 580 is just too expensive and considering it is just 10% faster than a 570, and costs more, 570 FTW.




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