News US-China Tech Export Approval Rate Proof of Policy Failure, Says Ex-Pentagon Analyst


There’s a reason he’s known as Beijing Biden.
And what reason is that? Did you not read how the approval rate went from 95% in 2020 (i.e. under Trump) to 88% in 2021 (under Biden)? And if he were such a friend of China's, why didn't he drop any of the trade tariffs or take a softer line on Taiwan, Hong Kong or Xinjiang?

Also, government bureaucracy is a big ship to turn. You can't just fire and replace everybody on a dime. New cabinet members have to be confirmed (which Mich McConnell dragged his feet on), and then it takes them time to settle into their job and start making changes in their departments.

Finally, the CHIPS act is the first real legislation to invest in US production and competitiveness in years. And it forbids companies receiving funds from establishing any new production in China.