Question Usable ram because of GPU?

Mar 31, 2019
Hello guys,

3.94 Usable RAM in my 8GB Ram, I already did a research how to fix this, using msconfig, paging file, changing the memory slots but nothing works
When I remove my GPU, and use my IGD and it works, from 3.94 usable ram to 0.9gb usable ram, I change back to PEG, it turns back to 3.94 Usable ram. I dont really know why, can anyone help me pls how to fix this,

Thanks ;)
Mar 31, 2019
No, I am currently running with 64 bit Win 10 pro. like I said, it will turn back to 8gb (.9gb usable) when I switch back to IGD.
And switch back again to PEG to my graphics card it will turn back to 8gb ( 3.94 usable )

also, I checked my Display properties section, There's a SHARED MEMORY with 2gb on it, with the Vram 2gb, total of 4gb. Is it normal? It should be only 2gb
I already checked my BIOS if my ram sharing memory but its not.

CPU: APU A4 3500 2.4ghz with Radeon HD

Thanks for the reply,
I think if you will be using a discrete graphics card, you will want to disable the integrated graphics.
It will be grabbing some of your system ram for use as dedicated buffers.

Do not worry about the 2gb vram. It resides in the discrete graphics card.
What is the make/model of your graphics card?
I suppose that it is possible that the amd drivers have carved out some dedicated ram.

Run memtest86 to check your ram.
It does not use an OS and should tell you exactly how much ram is detected by your hardware.

In a similar vein, test using windows safe mode(f8 while booting)
Safe mode uses minimal drivers.
See what your ram availability says.

Lastly, the APU is not a very strong processor. It likely can not take much advantage of a stronger graphics card for gaming.

I would consider options to move to a current gen intel or ryzen build.