Question Usage of Foxconn H61MX Motherboard PC BIOS as an alarm clock ?

Jun 25, 2022
If Foxconn H61MX Motherboard PC has a BIOS method to be used as an alarm clock how to use that Motherboard PC as an alarm clock by using the BIOS ?


Do you have a link or other reference regarding said BIOS alarm clock?

I found a manual for the H61MX but only after hitting a couple of sketchy manual sites that I quickly exited.

The manual I found did not appear to have any references to a BIOS "alarm clock".

And you truly want the PC to wake you up at some set time?

Or just need the PC wake-up/restart itself at some given time?

What is the requirement?


It is a common function of motherboards. Just forces the computer to start at a specific time.

Wake on RTC, Real Time Alarm, it goes by various names. Usually found next to the Start up behavior after power loss settings.

After that you need to configure something in software to actually work as an alarm clock. And you are going to have to setup auto-login and all that kind of stuff to get the computer to do something. If Windows that would mean using task scheduler and having speakers ready to go to play an audio or video clip.

That also means leaving the computer plugged in on standby all the time and making sure the BIOS battery is always good and making sure the speakers are active and loud enough to be heard.