Question USB 2.0 SATA external hard drive recognized as a SCSI in Windows 10. Help needed.


Aug 22, 2016
All and any help is really appreciated.

I transitioned from Win7 to Win10 and didn't noticed at first but now found that under Win10, my generic usb2.0 (with power plug) sata drive is recognized as a scsi in win10 task manager. I didn't think it was a big deal until the drive started having issues. Windows explorer stated that a file folder could not be access because it was corrupted (drive worked fine all morning and saw this issue around evening).

This was strange so I proceeded to copy/paste needed files to another drive to backup. File explorer just froze. I clicked end task in task manager to get out. Then I put computer to sleep mode and power off the external usb2.0 drive. Woke computer and power usb2.0 again. Now I have the message that it needs to be formatted???

Just an fyi, I have a small partition on the drive which seem to be ok but didn't want to do anything in case something is messing up the drive. I would say 90% of the drive is the issue part. The 10% partition is still readable.

I've since quickly borrowed a win7 computer and found the same message for the drive.

  1. Did I do something that caused this?
  2. Was win10 causing an issue? Also note that originally win10 didn't recognize the drive. I plugged it into different usb ports on the laptop until one recognized it.
  3. What is the issue with a sata drive being recognized as a scsi? Will this corrupt future drives?
  4. Any fixes to the current situation? I definitely like to recover these files.