Question USB 3.0 dropping on the Rift


Aug 8, 2019
I am having an issue. My mobo is Gigabyte Z97X G1 (older but works good... well did lol), I have a XFX RX5700XT GPU, 800W PSU, 16Gb ram, Win 10 (all updated 100%), I7 4790K that is factory clocked (IDK how to over clock anything) , 3 SSD's, Oculus Rift CV1, Fanatec CSL Elite, Clubsport pedals V3's, Thrustmaster gated shifter, (cheapo) Hand brake but does the job. No complaints thus far lol,
My USB 3.0's are dropping like flies on the Oculus side of things when I try to get it up and running. It started real sporadically with the headset but last night and the day before I had a real fast glitch with the shifter not shifting for a second then cleared up on its own. Now tho, Last night it took me several times to get the Oculus working like it should. I reinstalled the Radeon software but it didn;'t help any. I too have changed all power settings to max, disconnected windows defender, ect ect but it has not gone away either. I am starting to think I am losing my mind lol. It all started when I took a little brake from racing to work on my real life hot rod this summer. I broke for about 4-6 months and when I came back it has started. I did all the updates it needed/required straight away when prompted too on everything.
Does anyone know what the issue is? I see the issue is quite wide spread with some quick fixes but not being a comp guy, i have really no idea what they are talking about with their fixes.
Any help/ideas are welcome and greatly appreciated. I am off to work for the day.
Thank you VERY VERY much in advance