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Question USB 5V ARGB Controller

Apr 25, 2020
Hello guys
A few months ago I build my gaming PC
Of course I had to throw a few RGB fans and beeing a cheap guy, I didn't want to spend that much. Lucky me, the case (Sharkoon) came with 4 PWM 5v RGB fans and a controller (up to 10 fans).
The controller is just for the light, the fan speed is controller through a separate PWM wire.
All nice and good, the do light nicely but it is so limited in case of effects (and it has to be changed with the reset button). My motherboard doesn't have any 5V or 12V header
Now my question guys, do you know any controller for ARGB that connects through a USB interface and has a software for the lighting effects? That controller should take 5V RGB wire
I was looking for weeks online but I couldn't find any. All CoolerMaster and Corsair use their proprietary cable which my fans do not have
Thank you


Because ARGB and RGB are not even close to the same thing.

RGB works as a whole chain, moderating the current through 3 diodes, which changes the amplitude going through each RGB led circuit. Much in the same way as a DC 3pin fan changes speed according to voltage.

ARGB works similar, but a pwm signal is sent to a control chip via address, each led having its own control chip. The chain is supplied constant power and each led is moderated individually. Kinda like the way a pwm fan works.

So just like the fans, there's no mixing the 2 types. You'll not find an ARGB controller that has RGB interfaces.

Accepts standard 4 pin RGB, has USB connection, but only works using the included software.
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Apr 25, 2020
Thank you for ypur explanation. The best way is to change the fans to a proper ones or a motherboard that supports 5V
Thabk you again