Question USB Audio Driver Update

Aug 19, 2019
So I was searching around the internet, looking for USB Audio Device drivers and I just couldn't find any. Everything I found was either not working or it was a paid program to automatically update your drivers, and I came here to ask if I can update my USB Audio Device for free? I found something called USB Audio 2.0 but on that site I didn't see any Download option and I really need the drivers.



Can you please check these links and see if you can find something useful?

You can also check this thread, and especially the reply by TheZanke that helped some users with the same issue.

In addition to the above, there a few other tools like DriverPack Solution, SnalDriver, Driver Easy, etc. that scan your computer for hardware devices, search the missing driver within their database, and allow you to download and install them. Yes, some of them are paid programs, but you can use them for free as long as you're not annoyed with the advertisements.

However, please beware that some drivers these tools install might not be digitally signed, and therefore can't be trusted for their efficiency.

Hope this helps!!
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DOn't do stupid things... Find tout the chip in your audio adapter, and obtain drivers from there. If your adapter is pretty old, there might be no drivers for your OS. And finally - go to Device Manager, get to your device, and get Hardware ID, and search for them.