USB BIOS recovery MSI mobo


Nov 30, 2011
Hey guys im new to tom's hardware so please dont hate to much.... Anyways ive made a pretty stupid mistake. I was overclocking my ram but i pushed it a little to far so my computer doesnt boot properly anymore..... yeah stupid right. But heres the thing when boot my pc it instantly goes to... "BIOS recovery requested, starting BIOS recovery... Please insert USB flash disk with BIOS file... Checking for USB device...". It wont let me access the bios at all. It doesnt do anything besides try and find a USB recovery file. What do you guys think i should do? Im not sure how to create a recovery drive using a USB. Oh and ive tried taking the mobo battery out for like 15 sec. then putting it back in. But nothing changes.... Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Oh and my motherboard is a MSI 870A-g54 and my RAM is 4gb of G. Skill DDR3-1333