Question USB bottleneck occurs, which restricts booting options until hub is unplugged ?

Nov 23, 2020
So there is even another thread on here that states a usb bottleneck is not possible. Turns out it is! My motherboard is a Asus prime x299 deluxe ii Motherboard with an i9-10980xe cpu in it and 128gb of hyperx 3600mhz ram and an RTX 3080 Fe GPU, and 1500 watt Dark Power Pro 12 PSU. This is a system where bottlenecks shouldn't happen. My system is liquid-cooled, currently, my loop consists 2x aquacomputer next d5 pumps, 1 x ultitube 150 reservoir, other pump has an aqualis d5 topper on it. 1 x leakshield, 2 x Ac next flow sensors, 1 x high flow 2 sensor, 1x farbwerk 12v version, 3x Hubby 7, 6 x farbwerk360, 2x farbwerk nano's plugged in. 1x NzXT v1 usb controller hub, 4x NzXT v2 usb hubs. So after having more usb connections than I knew what to do with I tried the first thing was buying a few splitters off amazon the cheapo ones which surprisingly in all my testing actually work the best lol.

Granted I have one light itself on fire during testing but none the less overall I'd say those are a better value. I currently use 2 of them as a way to splt from the 1 usb internal connection the motherboard gives you. Technically some Motherboards offer several usb3.0 ports which can be converted back to usb2.0 internal ports which can help but not for what I need as the drivers don't allow it to work properly for my setup. Here's a shot of the back of the case and all the wires I had to hide and peripherals .

My issue is once you get to as many USB connections as I have it starts to have problems. Now I believe this is due to the 2ma output usb drivers get restricted to. Aquacomputers software usually lets you get around this with their peripherals allowing you to turn thew power up for that one output, but what I really need is to turn the power up at the motherboard to output more power on the usb internal output if possible? Essentially I think it may need another .02 mv or something like that very small but it should take care of the issue with the connections dropping and or not connecting at all.

And another huge issue is If I have all of these USBs plugged into their respective hubs and have it all powered up. When I start my PC it doesn't load the USB drivers for the mouse and or keyboard until windows loads so there is no getting into the bios unless I unplug one of the hubs. I'd call that a bottleneck, no? There is a limit to the number of USB connections one can have even if you have all the power any one single machine can handle it wouldn't matter as it's the controller one the MB that's having issues I think. It does quite well until you get to the number of USB connections I have lol. There's a lot but 2 of them are used as centralized hubs for the rest of the hubs.

So this was sort of detailing the bottleneck b/c I've seen several posts on here claiming that no such USB bottleneck exists when that is not entirely true. And I'm also not sure if there is any way to fix it? I was thinking maybe seeing if there was a hub that utilized its own controller drivers but I'm sure they'd just be using the same base driver so would be no difference I wouldn't think. Also, I have updated all USB drivers on my system which took some digging to find as Asus doesn't post USB 2.0 drivers I don't even think they post the USB 3.0 drivers anymore either those I also updated to my respective USB controller chip.