Question USB charging station vs AC adapter ?

Cuzzin Chizzy

Apr 7, 2012
I have a ton of wireless gaming controllers and I plan on setting up a custom stand to hold them all and also keep them charged.

Some of the controllers, I already have charging stands for, as they have charging contacts that allow them to easily charge just sitting in the stand. Those I can just plug into a normal wall socket or power strip.

A lot of the controllers however don’t have charging contacts and instead rely on USB C to A
For example:
Nintendo Switch SNES controller
Nintendo Switch N64 controller

some though use both:
Xbox Elite series 2 controller

I’ve been looking at purchasing a USB charging station, with enough USB ports to charge all the controllers in the custom stand at once. But I’ve been procrastinating because I want to make sure I’m charging everything in a way that won’t damage any batteries or their charging capacity. Whilst also having enough power to charge them all at once, and preferably charging in a faster way if possible. Also avoiding potential of fire.

I guess there’s a few main things I’m trying to figure out before I pull the trigger.

1. What types of guidelines do I want to stick to for USB charging? (As in how much power do I want in the port vs what is recommended for the device.)

I’m guessing maybe you’d want a USB port to support at least the same amount of charge or maybe more than the controller needs… I know with things like light bulbs you just have to make sure the “device” the bulb, isn’t pulling more power than the socket can provide. Are there any comparable guidelines I need to worry about with USB charging?

2. With things like a Nintendo Switch SNES controller, Nintendo recommends charging the controller through the Switch docks USB ports or the USB to AC wall adapters they sell. They say to use these methods to avoid damage. Xbox recommends only charging the Elite controller through an Xbox console or PC usb port.

Are they just covering their butts so you can’t blame them for inferior charging products wrecking your stuff? Would there really be any downside to me just plugging that SNES controller, the XBOX Elite, and all the other similar controllers into an off brand USB charging station?

Just trying to figure out if I should really stick to their recommendations, and say, buy a bunch of USB to AC adapters to plug into a power strip. It would obviously be easier to be able to plug all my controllers into one USB station and call it a day.

3. lastly would Quick charging be a feature I’d want in a USB charging station if I’m using it for game controllers?

Any information, suggestions, or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!


Mar 25, 2010
Any decent brand USB charger will be fine to use, just keep in mind there are some cheaper and badly built chargers that fake things like overload protection.

Anker is a pretty safe brand to go with and is not bad for pricing. I like the combos with power outlets, more flexible
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Cuzzin Chizzy

Apr 7, 2012
Yeah, I’ve been pretty impressed with the Anker products I own. Not sure if they have one with as many USB ports as I’ll need. But I could always get more than one I suppose.

Thanks for the response 🙂