Question USB Device Descriptor Failed appears in Device Manager followed by a complete lock up of my PC. Only happens when playing Warzone. URGENT HELP NEEDED

Jan 22, 2021
Like the title says, whenever I am in Warzone and fully loaded into a match I have a very limited amount of time before I hear the sound of a USB device disconnecting, reconnecting and then a complete lock up of the system. I then have to power down, unplug PSU, wait and reboot. If I do not allow the full drain, I don't get a proper boot and everything turns on but nothing on the display. I have tried everything in the book short of knowing how to test hardware before buying a new PSU or mobo to see if it is one of those. Below is a list of everything I have done along with my build. Please I am at my wits end and this is day 5 of me getting home at around 2PM and working on this until 2AM to no avail. This issue was happening on a much smaller scale a month or so ago and after trying everything below, I eventually fixed it but it came back and won't go away. I'm thinking I never fixed anything and it was just borrowed time.

What I've tried:
BIOS Updates (Multiple revs)
Nvidia Driver (" ")
Chipset Driver (" ")
Windows Updates (All up-to-date)
Reinstall game (multiple times)
Switched to brand new SSD (twice)
Reseated GPU
Reseated RAM

Tests run:
Heaven, OCCT, Furmark and maybe another that I can't remember. I have tried everything in relation to pushing my system to the max to try and recreate the issue outside of Warzone but I haven't been able to. Even with OCCT at extreme and Furmark at max running simultaneously my system was completely stable.
No issues have been found on the disks, nor have the programs found issues with my RAM.

CPU: Ryzen 5 3600
RAM: Crucial Ballistix 16GB 3000mhz (2x8GB)
GPU: ROG Strix 2080 Super
PSU: Segotep 600W Power Supply 80 Plus Gold Certified PSU Gaming Power Supply with Silent 120mm Fan Non-Modular

I am hoping someone can assist me asap in determining whether the PSU or the mobo is the main culprit (if either one) in a timely manner as I can make it out to Micro Center today to pick up either one or the other but can't swing both at the moment.

Adding copy+paste from Discord from a few days ago to add some more details to what has been done. Please excuse any redundancy.

I have been through 5 different nvidia drivers, 4 different bios, 2 amd chipsets. This problem was happening recently and I since then switched to a new ssd along with a fresh install of windows and tens of other fixes that I don't know what fixed it before. I'm at the Point where I'm thinking it's hardware failing and whatever "fix" I did before was actually just borrowed time. I tried to be as detailed as possible but left out some details about the usb devices and the tests I did The thing that has me truly stumped is why does it only happen when the match starts. Why not pregame lobby, menu, any other time. Do y'all know if there's a way to track the usb sound and know exactly which one is supposedly disconnecting and reconnecting before the crash? Oddly enough the few times I was able to stop the immediate lockup by alt+f4 the moment I heard the disconnect sound, my network adapter was saying no ethernet plugged in and had to be shut down completely to fix Another time I caught it, my pc was in this weird middle ground where it wasnt frozen but it also wasnt functional. I could move my mouse but things werent clickable other than playing the youtube video up on and pausing it
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