Question USB devices, display & network randomly disconnecting ?

Nov 24, 2022
Hello all,

I have a strange issue with my home built PC. It’s been working fine for about two months but just recently (last day or two) I’ve been having a problem with the USB ports/display/WiFi disconnecting/going dark while in the middle of whatever activity it is.

I will be playing a game or just watching YouTube on my computer and suddenly either my WiFi will drop out, my monitors will go black or my USB ports will stop working or a combination of all three. The only way to get everything working again is to power down the PC, although sometimes pressing and holding the power button on the PC will not work (it’s worked in the past), and I will have to hard shut down the PC by turning off the power supply, which I know is very unhealthy.

This behavior is not consistent, sometimes it takes hours, other times minutes. I’ve monitored the temperatures and power usage of the components and nothing seems abnormal. My motherboard is an ASUS ROG STRIX X670E-E and it has displayed a variety of error codes on it since this has begun with “40 and “AA” being the most common. I’ve tested all the USB ports and their functionality is spotty, sometimes one will work then a different one then none of them then all of them.

Do you fine folks have any troubleshooting steps I can take to try to resolve this issue? The next one I was going to try was to reset the CMOS. Are there other options to try or is it looking like I have a failing motherboard? Sadly I don’t have another one readily available and I don’t look forward to spending another several hundred dollars and rebuilding the machine without asking the experts about some other things I can try.

Thank you in advance!