Question USB devices stop and start working intermittently ?


Aug 3, 2016
For a while now I have been struggling with an issue where my headset and occasionally my mouse stop working and start working again.

I have a Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro connected to a Fosi Audio DAC-Q4 that connects to two of my USB ports and a Vaxee Outset AX mouse.

So far, the big issue is my headset, as it stops and starts working at least a couple of times a day. My mouse does the same but nowhere near as often as my headset, but when it does do it, it does it at the same time as my headset.

As for solutions I've tried, I've rotated all of my USB devices to different ports, updated USB drivers, updated Intel Chipset drivers, updated bios, reinstall Windows, and disconnect all other USB devices from PC to no avail. The problem still persists. I thought maybe it could have to do with my PSU as I was told that 850w with a 12600k + 6900 XT is cutting it a bit close. I also have quite a few devices connected to my computer, from my mouse and keyboard, to my mic, DAC amp, mixer, and occasionally my sim rig set-up and fight stick; but all of these have no problems and even when I'm filling basically every USB port on my motherboard, it's only my headset and mouse having problems. Would love to hear anyone's experience with this problem and potential fixes as it's been driving me crazy. Thanks in advance!
What is your motherboard, does it have USB 3.0 or 2.0?

If you have a lot of devices connected to the USB ports, you should try an external adapter for your Fosi, any DC 5V/2A adapter like those used for smartphone should do the job (the shorter cable goes to the DC adapter).

The Fosi consumes quite a lot of power, that's why the newer Q5 comes with a dedicated 12V adapter.