USB devices turn off momentarily, and alt+tab breaks my monitor resolution... please help!


Oct 7, 2016
I have a Xiaomi Notebook Air 13.3 plugged into a cheap USB Type-C adapter thing I found on the internet from some Chinese warehouse site for $15AUD, with a USB2.0 hub onto that, along with a HDMI and power.

Charging works fine, but the other two I'm having issues with.

HDMI: It advertised 4K and I bought thinking it would be able to run my 2560x1080 monitor, but apparently it only does up to 1920x1080 which is probably just because its some cheap illegitimate product. I have set it up in Intel Graphics Settings to display 1920x810, however when I try to run Rocket League, it seems to attempt to stretch that resolution onto a 1920x1080 monitor, as the ultrawide scretches across the screen that looks like its a stretched 1920x1080. A bit confusing, but I think it might be related to Rocket League running on the MX150 instead of the HD620. Any thoughts on how to fix this? Normally I drop the resolution ingame, then put it back and it fixes itself, however as soon as I Alt+Tab it breaks again.

USB: I have a double-dongle setup, and the problem is my USB devices often seem to cut out in the middle of a game. My headphones (Logitech G433), keyboard (Razer Ornata Chroma), keypad thingo (Razer Tartarus V2), and mouse (Razer Deathadder Elite) all seem to disconnect momentarily. I think it is probably because of them not getting enough power, as it normally happens when I am running games or other intense workloads.

My plan is to buy legit adapters, so I get a USB3.0 hub and a proper Type-C adapter. Do you think this will fix my problems? Thanks in advance!