Question usb drive keeps showing old data.


Aug 23, 2002
hope someone can help i'm at wits end. have 2 usb drives that were formatted with a utility to write a bootable Linux image so i could install Linux on an old laptop. that worked fine. now i'm trying to reuse these drives. first I used windows explorer, right clicked and selected format. when it was done all appeared normal. used the drive on my ps4 to copy a saved game file. plugged it in to this computer and it showed the original files and not the new files.

I formatted again. ejected the drive and reinserted it and again the directory list was the same. i used diskpart to clean the drive then formatted it from disk manager, i did the full format not the quick. again after ejecting and plugging it back in it showed the original files. i downloaded a 3rd party utility to format usb drives, including a 3 pass wipe, all completed well, showed a freshly formatted drive, after ejecting and plugging it in the original contents were back. i plugged the drive into my laptop, formatted it, ejected and plugged back in and it showed a perfectly empty drive, i plugged it back into this computer and all the previous contents are back and the volume name is even reverted back.

At this point i'm convinced the contents are actually gone, and windows 7 has perhaps cached a snapshot of the directory and when it recognizes the thumb drive it grabs the last cached data it has for that drive. also usually when i plug in the drive i get the popup that the drive needs to be scanned for errors. if i let it if finds a bunch and creates the FOUND.000 folder. i've done many reboots and i have no idea where to go next. Trying to google the problem all I get are how to restore lost or deleted files. Pages and pages of results that have nothing in common with my problem. somewhere out there is a computer guru that can help i'm sure.
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