Question USB Driver Issues

Dec 3, 2018
So basically I had my pc sitting in non-working condition for a good while as I waited for my ryzen motherboard and cpu and ram and stuff, and I expect due to a motherboard change, and once I got them I installed them and powered my system on for the first time in a while, and as you do, checked out the bios. The first thing I noticed was that it was really nice; better than windows honestly, and my mouse and keyboard (both usb at this point) were working fine, so I exited and booted into windows 7. The first thing I came to was the start windows in safe mode screen, but I dismissed this and started normally; this is normal to me when changing substantial components, and windows booted as normal. However,, the moment I got to the loading screen with the lovely windows 7 logo, my mouse and keyboard lights turned off, and once i got to the login screen I was no longer able to use them. At this point I retreated to forums such as this and they said the normal stuff, wait for drivers, restart your computer, turn the power on and off again, and things of such which all didn't work.

The next thing I did was access windows in safe mode by means of an old ps/2 keyboard I had lying around, and I could see that windows had not updated my drivers for the usb 2, 3, and 3.1 ports, which is a huge issue because now I have no way of updating the drivers at all as the only way I am able to is get it from the internet using my USB wifi adapter of to use a USB stick to get the necessary files over, so I am really in a shitty position, as the only other computers I have in my house are on mac os, so I can't do anything like getting windows 10 as a new copy because it i incompatible if it is installed on mac os....

Does anyone have any ideas or am I left to get a new copy of windows, keeping in mind this is a windows not a motherboard driver issue...?

For reference here are my specs:

Ryzen 5 2600
Asus TUF X470 plus gaming motherboard
8gb Corsair vengeance 3000mhz ram
GTX 670 windforce
Samsung 850 evo 500gb sata ssd
Silverstone 500w psu

Thanks very much, apologies for the long question; didn't want to miss anything.

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