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USB Flash drive not showing up (2 of them)


Nov 16, 2009

I have looked everywhere for a solution to this and all I have found is that the flash drive may just be dead. I don't want to believe that TWO separate flash drives I bought are dead.

When I plug in the (Kingston Datatraveler 1) usb flash drive, nothing happens. My computer goes on as normal as though nothing happened.

A 2nd flash drive does the same thing.

Things I've tried:

- Changing the drive letters of my hard drives. C: - main HDD /// D: Dvd-RW drive /// E: Daemon tools virtual drive

I changed my two Samsung f3 drives from F: and G: to G: and H: , read somewhere that the USB drive may be wanting to use your HDD drive letter.

Well, this did not work and so far I am unable to find anything about this. Anyone know what is going on?

Thanks in adv



Do other USB devices work ? If not look in Device Manager and maybe find a new driver pack for the motherboard chipsets.

If other USB devices work, test the USB flash drives in a friend's computer.

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