Question USB hard drive enclosure does not work on P8B75-M but works on a B365M-A motherboard. What's the difference, and how can I make it work on the P8 mobo

Sep 25, 2021
Title says it all, why does it work on one but not the other? Windows 10 says "USB not recognized" and "Device Descriptor Request Failed". I followed a bunch of guides online that didn't work. A few guides mentioned updating the BIOS, which mine is up to date. Still, my suspicion is still the motherboard since that's the only different component (along with CPU/RAM). I feel the mobo cannot handle that drive enclosure because it's "newer" than the latest drivers. I've used the same case / setup for both motherboards. I have the latest USB drivers for the P8 as well.

Is there anything I can do to make the external hard drive enclosure work on the P8 mobo? Maybe a mod? Where could I get that? Please let me know. Thanks!
Probably caused by either a "weak" cable or a low-power USB port. I would try using it in another port (the rear ones are usually powered directly through the board), and using the shortest and thickest cable available.

Edit: Just noticed that it is a whole usb3.0 storage bay, need to make sure it is plugged into USB 3.0 port
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