Question USB? how to turn one USB-C into two USB-C ?


Sort of, you would lose the port built into the chassis, and you would need a 3.5" bay, which isn't exactly common. Buy a chassis that has two or more ports and that single connector should service all of them.

Keep in mind that that will not increase the bandwidth, just allow you to connect two devices simultaneously.

Other option is to hook one up as normal, get a motherboard that has Type-C from the rear and purchase a Type-C hub (Or go for a thunderbolt 3/4 motherboard and get a thunderbolt hub)
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Feb 17, 2019
Hi, I'm thinking of getting the Gigabyte GA-Z690-UDAX, and I want TWO front panel USB-C ports. The manual says the internal USB E connector supports only ONE USB C port. However, I found this product on Amazon:

Will that effectively turn one USB-C into two USB-Cs?
According to the photos on the GB website, that mobo also has a 19/20pin USB connector on it.... therefore you could use that floppy bay device, but you would need to buy & use a 19/20pin FEMALE- to-USB A MALE cable instead of the one that comes with the device...... therefore if your case also has a front panel USB-C port, you would end up with 3 of them !

I have done this my own computers, as well as others I have built where the clients have asked about the same thing you want to do.... add MOAR C ports :)