USB hub and External Hard Drive problem


Dec 31, 2017
Hi all,

I have an ASUS K55V laptop on which one of the usb ports has broken, so have now bought this powered USB hub to attach my external hard drives to, of which I have several

Now I have a couple of Lacie external hard drives of up to 1TB powered with AC adaptor. I don't use these much and I think one is now broken due to an attempt to connect it via a hub that was not powered. I also have three Western Digital My Book 6TB external hard drives also with power adaptors. In addition to that I have three WD My Passport 2TB portable hard drives without power adaptors that just plug into the USB port on the computer.

I think I can just plug the My Passport portable drives straight into the USB powered hub and they will work, however what about the other hard drives (ie the Lacie ones and the My Book 6TBs). Do you plug the latter drives into the wall with their power adaptors, then plug their usbs into the hub, also connected to the power with its own plug? I am unsure if the drives still need plugging into the wall with their power adaptors or if you don't need those now because of the powered usb hub? I presume that they might work better if you do give them their own supply as presumably the power is working the drive not the actual usb connection that the hub needs the power for, but I'm not sure if the power would be too much for the usb hub or my laptop to cope with and I don't want to accidentally do any damage or start a fire.

Can someone out there clarify that for me please?

Thanks :D
The powered Hub can only provide up to 0.9 A at 5 VDC to any device plugged into one of its ports - that's the USB3 standard. Your two My Passport Portable units are designed to work with that power limit so you CAN plug each of them into a Hub port with no additional connection.

All the other external drive units require more power than any standard USB port can provide, and that is why the come with their own power adapters. That way they draw NO power from the Hub - the Hub is used only for data communication. So for those, YES, continue to use their respective power adapters when they are plugged into the Hub.

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