Question USB Issues on a MSI Mag Tomahawk B550

Adam Jelinek

Oct 4, 2019
Hi guys so this isn't like a huge issue or anything but I was wondering about usb connectivity issues. So the Msi tomahawk mobo has around 4 usb ports, kinda low amount, but I have my mouse, keyboard, and my o11 dynamic also uses some sort of device for controlling the integrated rgb of the case. And the issue is occasionally, not sure what causes it, since my mouse and keyboard are also rgb, they all like flicker occasionally, not losing functionality, but then I get that windows 10 sound when you plug in a usb device and it does that sound like 2 times before returning to normal. I've been seeing some things about a new bios update about usbs but not sure exactly if that would help? Does anyone have some sort of a usb hub they use with their pc to add more usb ports? If so let me know what it is as well, thanks for the help, I'll be responding to you guys.