Question USB keyboard causing issue with my GPU and built-in monitor speakers ?

Mar 22, 2022
So the problem is a really strange problem. I recently moved my PC into another room, plugged everything back in and a problem occurred. I turn on my computer and at the windows boot screen, It freezes. i tried to restart my computer and everytime I turn it on, the same thing happens. I unplugged my peripherals each of them one by one, until I came to my keyboard, I unplug it and booted up the computer. This time its different. Windows 10 went into a blue screen saying that a required device is not available or some sort like that. I plugged the keyboard back in and pressed enter, the computer boots normally.

But a few minutes after, the computer froze and I couldn't do anything other than shut down my PC using the power button. A few days later I turned it on again, this time it booted and runs for 1 hour straight fine. But this time I noticed another problem, my monitor(connected via HDMI)'s built in speaker whenever i play something, it plays for like 1 minute and randomly stops. I had to change the speaker to my headphone using windows audio thing and switch it back to the monitor for it to work for some minutes and it stops again. I tried reinstalling my display driver and it didn't work. I also notice that my camera(connected via USB) and microphone(built in with headphone and connected through hyperX card with USB.) randomly stops working too. Thats my problem, i could really use some help rn please help :(