Question USB keyboard & mouse stop working when Windows starts ?

Sep 26, 2021
I have an older Dell Optiplex 9020 that was given to me as decommissioned hardware from my job. It is running a copy of their former Enterprise Windows 7. To premise this, I have two computers at my desk, my personal computer, and my "work" computer, connected to a single USB keyboard and mouse by a switching USB hub. I'd call it a KVM, but there's no video involved, just USB.

I took it upon myself to finally do some cable management, as the back and underside of my desk was a horrible tangle of everything you can imagine (2 PCs, 3 monitors, printer, phone, wireless headset dock, speakers, etc). I MADE NO CHANGES TO THIS PC, I literally just unplugged everything, cleaned it, and set it back up almost the way I had it before, just with cleaner cables and less dust.

Upon turning the work PC back on to check things, the USB mouse and keyboard worked just fine during BOOT, I can enter BIOS, select boot options, etc, but once Windows loaded, the keyboard had no power, and the mouse laser was on, but did not move the mouse on screen. Was able to restart the PC and boot into safe mode, and both objects appear to work in Safe Mode, however it took sitting on the login screen for a couple minutes before the devices began functioning (not sure if the drivers were loading?)

I followed an article that said to go into device manager and uninstall the objects in the USB section, did that and now the keyboard has power when windows loads, but no input is still recognized or reciprocated on screen. I'm trying to run Malwarebytes but only certain programs are opening for me in Safe Mode. Certain features I would expect to be working in safe mode are freezing up. Can open control panel, but power options won't load. Trying to uninstall a 2nd antivirus program I had installed, but wasn't set to run on automatically just to make sure there wasn't a conflict and the uninstaller is frozen currently. Not sure if this is some kind of memory or processor issue. Any Ideas?

Also, I've tried plugging the USB mouse and keyboard directly into the USB ports of the work PC, and they still do not work. And they do work just fine via the USB switch on my personal computer.