USB keyboard randomly powering down (g15 and g19)


Nov 11, 2008

My brother is having some issues with his keyboard that is really throwing me for a loop.

The issue is quite simple, the keyboard will randomly lose power as if it were unplugged intermittently (perhaps twice a week).

When the issue first cropped up I assumed it was simply the keyboard aging, he had one of the first g15s and to say it was worn out barely describes it, in fact some of the buttons no longer worked.. Not hard for me to imagine it broken. However, he got a g19 for Christmas and the same thing is happening. Obviously the first thing I suggested was to ensure he is not kicking the cord out without knowing it, which he assures me he is not... (Let's assume he is not for now).

This happens regardless of what usb port he has it plugged into (case or directly on the MB, so no cables are loose between the port and the plug on the MB). It is fixed by unplugging and plugging it back in. The g19 has its own power adapter as well, which is strange. His MB is an asus p5k, the only thing I can think of is the USB on the board being faulty or perhaps a strange setting in the logitech drivers I am not aware of.

On another related note.. Does anyone have any idea how to disable the ps/2 port on an asus MB? Both my brother and myself have a "non functioning ps/2 device" in device manager as the port is being reported when it is not occupied. I don't think this is related to his issue, but you never know (I have it too, all it is is annoying when i look in device manager). There is no setting I have found in the bios for this, and nothing in the latest bios about it.. but maybe ill flash to it anyway.

Cheers if anyone has had this issue and managed to fix it. Eventually I'll try using a PCI USB card to see if there is a fault with the MB ports.


Jun 4, 2010
Hey mate. Sorry I don't have a fix for this but am pretty much getting the same problem with my x6 sidewinder keyboard, it worked fine for 2 weeks then then somehow started dropping out, sometimes USB won't detect it again so I have to revert back to my old keyboard, every other device works in any USB so it's a bit baffling, I have an asus p5b running windows 7, my computer has also randomly been powering on and I believe it is the keyboard causing. Hope someone has the answer..