Question USB Mic is super (earrape loud!)


Jun 23, 2020
I have a Razer Mini Seiren, been using it for 1 year and 10 months with no problems. But today, when i was on discord the volume of my mic was super loud i could hear double with loud echoes (even whilst wearing headphones) paired with the earrape + screeching. When i checked the Recording section of my Sound settings, that only happens when i put it on 100, so it sounded a lot better if i set the volume at 50 or less. But I've been putting it at 100 for the past 1 year and it sounded nothing like today. Is my mic damaged or is it my motherboard?

P.S. I tried it using my laptop, but i couldn't figure out if its the mic or my PC. I have never dropped this mic.

P.P.S. Even when my volume was at 50, it would still screech + earrape so loud when i change the recording volume of my mic on Geforce. This never happened before, and i don't think there is any setting that could make Geforce settings apply to my windows settings. When i do my recordings my volume on Geforce would always be 100, but somehow today's different.


Consider that the "100" was the anomaly and that something else changed making "100" become what it was meant to be (loud) and now 50 etc. serves.

Could be that some update or other change forced the issue.

Look in Update History for any failed or problem updates.

Run the built-in Windows troubleshooters. The troubleshooters may find and fix something.

Try "sfc /scannow" and "dism".


How to use DISM command tool to repair Windows 10 image | Windows Central

Manually download the applicable audio drivers via the manufacturer's website. Reinstall and reconfigure. No third party tools or utilities.

Reinstall Discord.