Question USB microphone for voiceover

Oct 20, 2020
Hey there,

I'm looking for a USB microphone for making a voiceover, after some time spent browsing amazon and bunch of other websites, I found these 3 pieces listed below.

Just before that I want to mention that the problem with my current microphone I have is that once I record my voice, and then put that file into my video software, the volume of that audio is very low. And when I try to increase it (by some software like Wavepad), it not only decreases quality of my voice, but also increases the noise background so much, that it's possible to hear.
So what I want to try to avoid by buying a new microphone looking for one with an option of increasing the recording volume. I have seen that some microphones have some option called "Gain" - is that what am I looking for?

My list of microphones that I'm interested in so far:

Blue yeti
Fifine USB Microphone
Neewer USB microphone

The price should be around these numbers. I know that the second one and the third one already have something like built-in amplifier (that I want for solving my problem mentioned above), but I'm not sure about the first one (Blue Yeti). Would you have any suggestion for me?