USB not working on another port


Dec 9, 2004
Since I put this machine together I did not know where else to post this...

I have been using my front USB ports . Now that I have a hub I put the hub in a rear usb port and now none of my devices are working from that hub. (BTW, this has happened before the hub when I had something plugged in a different usb port).

How do I configure my Windows Vista system so that I can use ANY port?

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Feb 14, 2006

This could be a couple different things. First of all, regardless of whether your USB hub is 1.0 or 2.0 based, there should be no problem, as your board is backwards compatible and supports 1.0 and 2.0 devices on all 8 usb ports. Your board has multiple usb controllers on it to support all 8 ports.

First, check device manager under Universal Serial Bus Controllers at the bottom of the list. Make sure none of the entries have a red X beside them or an exclamation point indicating a conflict or that they are not functioning or are disabled.

Next what you need to look at is the BIOS setting under Advanced called
"Legacy USB Support". It is set to Auto by default which should be fine, though you may want to change the setting to Enabled if you use older 1.0 based usb devices. This may help. One other possibility (worst case scenario) is you could have a problem with the usb controller that handles the port you are unable to get connectivity with. Try a different usb device on the port that isn't working and see if it is detected and functions properly. If not then try another port. The process of elimination will help zero in on the culprut. Let me know what your results are.

-- MaSoP