Question USB Overcurrent ?


Feb 22, 2014
Hey guys, recently installed a new power supply, Seasonic Prime 1000 Platinum. On the first start up, I noticed my CPU fans connected to my Corsair H110igt started at full blast. I thought that was odd, but then I noticed a smell, which I thought was the fan. I looked at the waterblock with the mini-usb attached to it and noticed the wire looked odd. I touched it and it was HOT, the rubber was melting. I turned off my PC instantly. I noticed that the LEDs on my case are now only showing half the colors as well. What in the world could have caused this short? I have never heard of this happening to anyone in my life. I would have expected the computer to shut itself off but it did not. I DID notice that the CPU_PWR led on my motherboard was lit up red. The wire was so hot I couldn't remove the USB from its port on the waterblock for a good 10 minutes and a bit of rubber around the USB has melted. I currently don't have it plugged and and don't plan on doing so until AFTER my final exams since I need my computer until then... has this happened to anyone else? Thanks
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