Question USB port causing chaos with bluetooth and other usb ports?


Jul 23, 2016
I bought a whole new computer which is using a Thermaltake Versa C23 RGB case.
Everything seems to be working fine except for the built-in USB 2.0 ports. Whenever I connect an external hard drive (an old WD passport, compatible with USB 2.0 and 3.0, which worked perfectly with my old laptop) it starts doing weird things in the windows 10 taskbar notification area (the drive icon starts showing and disappearing until it stabilizes).
If I have a USB mouse installed in the other usb 2.0 port, then the cursor just disappears and I need to restart the computer to be able to continue using a mouse. Then I tried with a bluetooth mouse and when I connected the external drive it did the same thing, only that now the bluetooth icon also disappeared and I can't even find any bluetooth entries in the device manager. It's like it completely messed up my bluetooth. I rebooted and bluetooth was there again, but I'm trying to find out what exactly is going on. Maybe something got connected incorrectly when setting up the computer components?
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