Question USB/Portable SSD for huge video files: Speed/Heat issues


Feb 15, 2014
I'm having a very difficult time finding info on the best media for my needs: Transferring 50-100GB video files regularly.

I have a cheap sandisk USB , halfway decent write speeds for about 10 seconds then drop 20MB/s and gets crazy hot. I recent bought a Verbatim vx500: Much better (280-300MB/s) but again, gets quite hot and after 5-7 minutes tanks speed down to around the same crap. I'd really like not to have to wait an hour+ for a file to transfer.

I imagine heat is a problem here across the board given the size of the files, I feel like even nvme drives would have the same throttling issue eventually during a transfer that size. I don't think regular sATA3 SSDs do but I don't know. I need something more portable and a bit tougher than having to use a 2.5" SSD with a powered USB adapter - though grabbing an nvme to replace one of my SSDs and doing just that is my next move - until i snap off the ssd or adapter's connector...

Hoping someone might know of a better solution, thanks.

**Storage 250GB likely ideal
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