Dec 22, 2016
I wasn’t really sure where to post this question but the USB ports are on my motherboard so I’m posting it here. So yesterday after turning on my pc 3 of the USB ports started acting strange. When I plug in my usb headset to either one of them it’s not recognized in windows I know the USB ports work cause the lights on my headset still light up when plugged into those ports yet the headset doesn’t show up on my sound devices, I also tried plugging in a usb flash drive and that didn’t show up either buT the weird part is when I plug in my Xbox one wireless controller adapter to any of the faulty USB’s it works fine it gets picked up by windows and everything, so I’m a bit confused on what to do I’ve updated windows, checked device manager to try to uninstall the the faulty usb drives and reinstall but it’s not telling me which exact USB ports are faulty windows says they’re all fine, I also tried running the devices and hardware troubleshooting option and that didn’t help either it said there was no problems, anyone know what it could be?
Aug 22, 2020
Hi! Its bad to hear that your having USB issues. Try making sure that the usb 3.0 connector on your motherboard is connected in All the way. Otherwise that can cause some issues. If that doesnt help try re installing your motherboard drivers. Also how is old is your build? Usb ports start to wear with use.
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