Question USB Ports and the headset/speaker jacks do something weird from time to time.

Dec 13, 2018
Hello, not sure if here is the right section to post this, but I am having issues with what I said in the title of this thread.

When I move my keyboard usb cord it makes the windows 10 noise for unplugging something and then i have to put it back in a specific place kind of to plug it back in, my keyboard does not work after it makes the unplugging noise, this is the left usb port, the right usb port for my mouse is fine, it doesnt make this error at all, but when i put my mouse usb to the left usb port when i jiggle it a bit it does the same thing, but when i put the keyboard to the right usb where my mouse usually is it doesnt make that noise and everything is fine, now, i also have an issue with two of my hole thingys 3.5mm jacks where you put headphones in and whatnot, it has that problem too, when i try to play audio i have to move the speaker cord to a right position or it doesnt play at all, but it plays and just music plays in the movie or whatever, but the right usb port doesnt have any of these issues, I was wondering if any of u guys here can help me, thanks!
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