Question USB ports are not working for external devices such as pendrives or hard-disk.

May 28, 2020
Hello. I've recently got a 'new' PC. Results that when I insert an pendrive or an external hard-disk it makes them unreadable not even on another devices. I've discovered this issue right when I first turned it on trying to boot an Windows7 from the stick. I've tried completly functional sticks that after I've passed them on this PC have became unreadable.

First I've didn't knew there is an issue, so I've got a new usb stick, made a bootable Windows on it then tried again, same result. I tought to insert it back on my laptop to see what's up, but not even there it worked again.

The strange thing for me is that my mouse, keyboard and even the headphones are working properly. Yesterday I found out another issue, with all those connected I wanted to try to repair the external hard-disk once again, but when I've connected it in a 4th port, the HDD didn't turned on as it used to, no lights or cooler but even my headphones turned off

I have an Asus Z77 Saberthoot MB, 750W PS and I run Windows 7 Ultímate for the moment. Which by the way, when I want to fresh install it, it doesn't have its usual graphics (that blue) with its original logo and instead has an W10 loading logo and a purple background untill installer finish its job and restarts the rig for the graphic adjusts and final optimization. I hope I've not missed any detail so far. Thank you for your time!