Question USB ports not working on motherboard or chassis of new pc build?

Sep 4, 2019
I recently bought and assembled a new pc (specs below)

Corsair crystal x570
Asus rog strix X470-f
Ryzen 7 3800
Corsair vengeance 32g(3200mhz)
Gigabyte 2080 super
Corsair h150i AIO
Seagate barracuda 4th hard drive
Corsair 120mm rgb ll series fans (5)
Corsair commander pro hub
Corsair 850watt powersupply

The problem I’m having with this current build is when I turn the pc on everything comes too, the fans, aio, motherboard lights up, and the gpu as well. However when I try to plug in any usb whether it’s directly into my motherboard or atop the x570 nothing works.

I completely disassembled and reassembled the build three separate times just to make sure that all the wires were plugged in properly(to my knowledge and the instruction manuals they are, even had a buddy recheck over me).

I’m stumped simply because the power button on the x570 works, but not the USB ports? The rog X470-f motherboard has an led that lights up specific colors when something is troubleshooting and the color that has been displayed (yellow/orange) is saying the issue is ram.

I’ve switched out the ram with my old pc ram and even my buddies ram and it still gave me the same light. All three sets are working properly just not in this new build. I’m curious as to whether these two problems are for some odd reason connected?

I thought that maybe I could have a bad motherboard that’s not transferring properly but every component attached is running fine(looks to at least).

Do I have a bad motherboard, is my cable possibly shot and I need a new one? Or is there another solution that I haven’t thought of?
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