Question USB ports on desktop suddenly stop working


Oct 17, 2018
To make a long story short, the problem is exactly what it says in the title. It's not just one device that's losing connectivity, it's my mouse, my keyboard, my headphones, everything connected via USB on my desktop will just randomly, without warning, stop working. This is especially annoying when I'm in the middle of a dungeon in FFXIV and my setup just decides not to work. I've tried everything from updating the USB drivers, updating my device drivers, and troubleshooting to windows, all of which have not worked. In fact, when running a command through the windows 10 terminal to check if anything is broken, the USBs will stop working right after the test is done.
It's happened so many times to the point where I'm concerned if something is wrong with my motherboard.
I come to you, the toms hardware community now, to see if there's any other fixes I haven't tried, or if others have had the same problem. Any help at all is appreciated.


Further to the post above by Win 11 Master, you may have overloaded your USB ports. This is NOT a PSU issue in that case. Remember that any one USB2 port on your system is limited to 0.5 A max current supplied to all devices on that one port. (USB 3.2 systems' limit is 0.9 A.) Now, keyboards and mice use very little current each, but if you also have other devices plugged into a port via some sort of HUB that does NOT have its own power supply "brick", those extra units may be drawing too much power from the port and that WOULD cause the system to shut down that port for protection. For example, the "headphones" you mention really are a small digital-to-analog converter and amplifier to power the headphones, and that does use a lot more power than a mouse.
Maybe it's being caused by one of your USB devices going bad? Have you tried just you keyboard and mouse without the other devices connected?

Have you tried just using only the rear USB ports? Front USB ports? Some motherboards use different controllers for each.