Question USB Ports

Sep 7, 2019
I apologise if this is the wrong place to post this, I couldn't find anywhere else to ask my question.

Whenever I plug my headphones in the USB slot in my PC, while my PC is on, I get this message. If I plug it in when my PC is off I get this message. This problem did not occur before.
Please help.
Are you plugging this headset directly into a rear panel USB port, or is there a USB Hub involved, too?

If this is the ONLY item plugged into a USB port, it should work. Especially if it is a USB3 port, which can supply more power, that headset should not overload the port. If you are sure you get that same result from both USB2 and ISB3 ports, then there is a flaw in your headset system.

I see that this is the Cloud II model, from which the HEADSET only can be plugged into a common 3.5mm socket from a sound system (like the front stereo speaker (green) jack on the rear of your computer). OR, you can plug the adapter / control box into a computer USB port, and then plug the headset into that adapter box. You could try this just to narrow it down. Plug the headset directly into the rear panel green jack or into the front panel Headphone jack and verify that it works there. Without re-connecting the headset to the adapter / control box, plug that box into a USB socket. If the box alone generates that overload message immediately, you will know the box has an electrical problem that must be fixed.