Question USB Power surge error but no USB connected

Jun 8, 2020
I am getting non-stop USB Power Surge notification. I cannot even close the notification before it pops up again. I cannot uninstall/update/rollback the drivers - it doesn't even show any drivers. It simply says USB device not recognized followed by power surge. It just appears and disappears before I can do anything.

PC was fine last night. No new hardware or software installed. It just randomly started today morning. I unplugged all USB devices, I removed all USB headers connected to the mobo, removed the I/O shield, traced every wire for shortages but nothing.

Currently it is barebones (out of the case) with absolutely nothing connected, not even mouse, keyboard, and USB headers. The error keeps appearing no matter what I do or try. I tried hardware troubleshoot from CMD and nothing. It shows the USB malfunction but does nothing. Tried virus scan/malware scan and still nothing. I can use the PC but the error makes it impossible to keep the sound on. Couldn't google the problem either. I am absolutely lost and scared about the PC completely dying. Please help!

QUICK SPECS: Ryzen 7 2700x, MSI B450m, 32GB RAM, 850w EVGA, RX 570