Question USB power surge occurs because my new Cyberpower Battery Back-UPS is connected via USB ?


Jan 19, 2017
i was having issues with my Seagate Expansion Hard Drive (External HDD), and i've discovered that even my simple USB stick is also having issues connecting to my PC. i believe this is due to the USB connection required by my new Cyberpower 1500VA battery Back-UPS that i've recently installed. the Seagate External HDD works on another computer, as does the smaller USB stick. is there a way to fix this without removing the Cyberpower USB connection? i'm fairly certain that this is the issue. has anyone else stumbled upon this issue?

when i plug in the USB stick, i get an error about a power surge, and how there is not enough power to allow the USB stick to function. this is strange with the external hard drive, because it has it's own power cable, so it shouldn't be an issue, but the external hard drive appears in disk management as being "not initialized", when it most certainly is. the USB stick power surge is what tipped me off to the Cyberpower USB connection possibly being the culprit here.

anyone have any advice for this issue??

Thanks in advance!


Update your post to include full system hardware specs and OS information.

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"due to the USB connection required by my new Cyberpower 1500VA battery Back-UPS that i've recently installed "

My understanding is that the USB connection between UPS and PC is only necessary if you wish to monitor the UPS using the provided software utility.

The UPS should function perfectly well without such monitoring.

If there is a power outage then the UPS should still provide power long enough for you to properly shut down the computer and other protected peripherals.

Try disconnecting the UPS USB connection and forgo the UPS monitoring to determine if external HDD and other USB device begin to work again.

Another concern would be an electrical "loop". UPS providing power to PC and thus the PC's USB ports. However, one of those USB ports is looping back to the UPS.

Is that external HDD independently powered (just USB) or is the HDD powered via an independently powered USB hub that is plugged into the UPS?

What is the specific wording about "power surge" and where is that warning appearing?