USB Printer and DOS Program

Here is the problem: Old DOS program that will only print to LPT1 (tried to reconfigure, did not work). However, I need to be able to print to a USB printer. I can find converters to print from USB to a Parallel printer but not from parallel port to USB.

Has anybody run across a DB25 to USB converter?


Well a little trick you should be able to do to make your printer work through dos.

1. Enable sharing on your usb printer and make sure you use a dos compatible name (should default with a good dos name)

2. Now I would either create a batch file to do this or just run this command in dos before running your dos program:

net use lpt1:\ [your computer name][printer share name]

That will map it to your LTPT1 port and your dos programs should work.

So if your computer name was GAME1 and your shared printer name was USBPRT the statement would look like this:

net use lpt1: \GAME1USBPRT

*Edit* for some reason its not displaying 2 back slashes in the post so just note that you need 2 "back slashes" after the lpt1: command instead of just 1 and you need one "back slash" between the computer name and printer share name

GOOD luck