Usb problem mouse freeze and resumes but works on diffrent computers



Hi I bought a new computer in order to fix my random mouse freeze problem, sadly the new computer with diffrent hardware apart from the old one has the same problem. Im completly clueless to what might have happend. Is it possible two diffrent computers with diffrent OS diffrent hardware has the same problem, or is this caused by something else? I tryed to install my machine at my neighbours but the mouse tended to freeze that time as well, not that much but the problem was still there.

Please give me input or suggestions to what this can be, I cant buy a third computer and hope it disappears

I got a graphic card from nvidia and a motherboard from asus (asus crosshair 4-formula). I was thinking maybe my old computer got some kind of energy flaw that my new computer was infected with, and that is the reason for the strange behavior. I called my electric service and they said that should include other devices, TV, lights, etc, naturally. I got adviced my a friend to post on this site, Im hoping for you guys cheers


Aug 5, 2009
As "the friend" I could also add that we've tried quite alot of different ways to overcome this odd problem. I have never seen, nor heard about a similiar problem. About 8 different mouses are tested, and they all cause the same problem. The system is not clocked at any known extreme level so far, and the latest USB host drivers are for sure installed.

Also worth to mention, the system BIOS seem to have been flashed by another of his friends, although I have no further information regarding the current version flashed or any setting within BIOS that could have been set improperly.

We've called for an electrician to check up the power chords and A/V amounts in the socket, although by telephone the company were unable to see any problems directly.

Since the mouse did not freeze after plugging it back at his home after trying at the neighbor, I got in mind that a check by a professional electrician could be handy, but in some way the freeze returned and the problem is now back in which state it previously was.

Also, a last note worth to add, a bsod due to USB error has occured twice. Code not noted unfortunately.

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