USB problems in the bios


Sep 1, 2007
use to have know problem getting into my bios with my G15 gaming keyboard. But I had to reset my Cmos because I had a problem overclocking it still worked after that but then I went into my bios and just set it back to defaults and I have been unable to get into the bios since with the keyboard but it works fine as soon as you get into windows. But the odd thing is I have a old USB dell keyboard I can plug in and I can get into to the bios just fine.

Its driving me nuts trying to figure out the problem anybody have a idea what my problem is. the motherboard is a MSI P6N SLI Platinum bios ver1.4.

I know it just does not make since. I went into the bios and set it to performance and I have the following hooked up to the USB ports. Internal I have a memory card reader and the cases USB ports. On the back I have my G-15 keyboard witch also has a USB hub but I don’t use. And my G-5 mouse and my Maxtor drive and a dell printer with a card reader. Now it seems to see me hitting the del key when booting but after it hangs when I hit the del key or takes along time to find all device when I don’t hit del before I go into windows. So I then disabled irq for com and printer port in the bios since I only use USB also I noticed that all other IRQ are set reservevd is that right?. I also have a USB card in one of the pci slot so I moved my printer and Maxtor drive to it and now everything works great.

But if I move everything back to just the usb on the motherboard and use a different USB keyboard it will will work just fine. But when I try to use the G-15 keyboard again it takes for ever again to get through the usb device on boot and I still cant get into the bios with the keyboard. It just makes no since to me. Is there something I am missing in the bios. Legacy usb is enabled.

Its driving me nuts