USB problems on Dell Precision M90


Aug 28, 2007
I recieved a Dell Precision M90 a few days ago, and would prefer to use my Razer Cooperhead mouse instead of the Dell mouse that came along with the laptop. Also, I would like to transfer some songs from my mobilphone Sony Ericson K810i to my laptop. The problem though, is that the laptop doesn't detect these USB devices.

Razer Copperhead has its lights on, but the pointer on the screen is dead, and the Copperhead drivers I installed can't detect the mouse either. I've installed the newest driver and flashed to the newest firmware. Furthermore, I've tried the Copperhead mouse on three other computers, and it works well on those computers without installing any further drivers on any of them.

When it comes to K810, I've tried to connect it with two other computers, and both computers detected K810i as an external hard driver (both the memory stick in it and the phone itself). Not my Dell laptop nor the software installed on my computer can detect the device, and no "extermal hard drives" are seen on 'My Computer.'

One thing that might be worth mentioning is that every time I boot the laptop, or if I unplug and then plug in the Razer Copperhead, an installation guide pops up. I've tried to run it, but when I manually select a destination for the installation guide to look for the installation driver, I get the message that it could not find the appropriate software in order to install the device. What's with that?

Also, every time I boot the PC (without plugging in the devices I have problems with) an installation guide for "USB Device" pops up., and I don't know how to get rid off the message nor install the USB Device (that's not even plugged in). I don't know were it comes from. Do you?

One idea I had was that my USB drivers were corrupt, so I uninstalled the USB drivers and booted my laptop so Windows could reinstall the drivers on Windows launch. Without any progress or luck...

I've searched the internet for many hours and asked for help on Norway's largest hardware site, but I haven't managed to come closer to a solution. I'm therefore trying here and would appreciate any help. Thanks.


Oct 29, 2006
One thing I have noticed that Dell's USB ports themselves come bad from the factory sometimes. How many drives does it have? I have noticed that sometimes 2 do not work, but one does.