USB Related problem[Need help ASAP]

Akash Beura

Apr 10, 2014
Hello guys, i recently formatted my PC and installed VLC media player and Mozilla Firefox. (Downloaded fresh copy).
Now I have 2 users in windows.
1st one is "Sonu" and 2nd one is "Home"

Case 1: Logged on with user "Sonu"
When i open Mozilla firefox in Sonu then the USB continuously connects and disconnects with every movement i make with my mouse, also my USB Keyboard gets affected, like if I'm typing something(eg., home) then it tends to show problem like "hooooooooooooooo".
Also, When i open VLC media player and play something it runs well, but when i right click to view options then same problem arises(i.e., that connect disconnect problem).

Case 2: Logged on with user "Home" (currently using)
Here everything is same but in Mozilla I can open a few pages, also when I tried to login in tomshardware with facebook login that problem came up once again :'(

What should I do? Is it a driver problem? or OS problem?

Previous copy of my windows didn't had that problem But I formatted more than 3 times to get that error free copy of windows. Is it my Windows 7 Disk problem?(Pirated one).
Or something else?

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