Question USB Shielding/plastic connector for header broke off, is there a way to replace it?

Aug 18, 2021
I was trying to build my pc myself for the first time ever, and am still anxious about breaking this so I apologize in advance. I was trying to connect the front IO USB connector to my motherboard earlier, and I assume it did not go in properly or I accidentally force it out, but the little plastic connector to the USB header on the motherboard is completely broken and the PINs are bare on the motherboard. My question was if there was any way to replace that little plastic housing or what I should do about it.
You can try to slip the housing over the pins again. But it's a bear trying to get the pins to line up to the holes.

Good thing is the housing's not really necessary. Just plug the front panel USB connector onto the pins and it will work. Be sure to dress the cable so there's slack and doesn't tug on the pins to pull out. Also be sure all the pins are straight and parallel before trying to plug in.